Seth Werkheiser
Writer of metal trivia Skulltoaster.
Founder of Noise Creep + Buzzgrinder.
Anti Facebook, clickbait, and growth hacking.

Contact: | @sethw

Stuff I Use

Web Apps: Evernote, Rdio, Hackpad, DropBox, Site44, FollowUpThen, Feedly, oTranscribe, MailChimp

Software: Memory Clean, TextMate, WavePad

Gear: Chrome Yalta & Welded Postbag, Vaya Wallet, iPhone5, MacBook Air 13" (2014) MacBook (2008)

2014 Writing

Oct 15 New
Oct 04 Master a Social Media Network
Sep 29 On Growth Hacking
Aug 11 Sustainable Blogging Revisited
Jul 29 Make Magic
Jul 20 Would You Be Missed?
Jul 18 First Impressions
Jul 09 Convey Your Identity
Jul 07 Don't Compete Where You Can't Win
Jun 30 Regular Content
Jun 29 Words Matter
Jun 29 The Best Education is Losing Money
Jun 09 Drive
Jun 05 Talk to People
Jun 02 Know Your Friends
Apr 30 Don't Draw
Apr 27 Analog Marketing in a Digital World
Apr 20 Jinxed in Philadelphia Doing it Right
Apr 16 Know Your People
Apr 15 On Comments
Apr 04 Open and Engagement and Click Rates
Apr 02 Less Can be More
Mar 30 From Social Media to Email Lists
Mar 20 Big Numbers
Mar 19 Already Doing the Work
Mar 17 What's Your Email List About?
Mar 06 The Right Audience
Feb 21 Leave Facebook
Feb 13 Improve Your Live Show
Feb 11 Hard Work
Feb 10 Hiding in Social Networks
Jan 31 Never Enough
Jan 30 Please, Stop Networking
Jan 30 Using Siri with Evernote
Jan 27 One Year of Work
Jan 25 Your Voice
Jan 21 Your Ads are Doomed
Jan 08 Step Away from the Computer
Jan 07 What Does Accomplishment Feel Like?
Jan 06 Mobile is Surging
Jan 03 Please Stop With ICYMI on Twitter
Jan 02 Nothing is News

2013 Writing

Nov 22 Turn Off Comments
Nov 20 Build Now, Scale Later
Nov 11 Twitter Links are a Big Deal
Nov 06 Cut the Middle-Men
Oct 28 Shake a Hand
Oct 22 Get Fans to Your Website
Oct 20 Conversations on Twitter
Aug 28 Love Your Current Followers
Aug 26 Live Shows, Tour Dates and Social Media
Aug 20 Create Your Own Content
Aug 19 Slow Down
Aug 16 Everything You Touch is Your Legacy
Aug 15 Facebook is Lame Like the Mall
Aug 14 Official Sites Have Lost the SEO Battle
Aug 13 Local Search via Twitter
Aug 12 This Ain't PR, it's Spam
Aug 09 Ghost Follows
Aug 03 Free Labor in the Music Business
Aug 01 Don't Tell Your Customers to Leave
Jul 24 Focus on the Crowd You Have
Jul 05 Parasites
Jun 27 Put the Work Into Network
Jun 26 Stop Telling Me to Follow You
Jun 09 Build Trust, Link Elsewhere
Jun 05 Stop Being a Robot
Jun 02 Design for Customers
May 23 The First Taste of the Internet
May 15 We Need Your Art
May 14 Getting to Simple
May 14 Making a Better Place
May 05 Print Won't Die
May 05 I Moved
May 05 Do Good Work
Apr 30 I Live Where I Am
Apr 29 Copy and Paste
Apr 27 You Can't Kill Us All
Apr 25 Changing Course
Apr 24 Pushing Something
Mar 14 Be Awesome
Mar 12 The Minimalist Choice
Feb 28 Fans to Friends
Feb 13 Bring Your Magic Into the World
Feb 01 Engage
Jan 31 Big Hits Aren't
Jan 30 Start Doing
Jan 25 Paying The Bills
Jan 18 How I Got Better Email Open Rates

2012 Writing

Dec 29 Publish Now, Update Later
Dec 25 Nothing is News
Dec 24 Emotional Minimalism
Dec 20 Fear of Shipping
Dec 17 Quiet Time
Dec 12 Share the News With Your Fans
Dec 04 Stand Apart
Nov 23 Cheap Words
Nov 20 The Chris Brown Metal Thing
Nov 20 Music Can Do Better
Nov 09 Don't Do What I Do
Nov 06 Drawing Guns
Oct 30 Who is Telling Your Story?
Oct 14 Tell a Story
Oct 14 Illegal Downloading
Sep 27 Stop Shouting
Sep 25 You're the Media Outlet
Sep 25 Trust Your Fans, Not the Music Blogs
Sep 24 Retweeting Your Fans is Cheap
Sep 20 Things Music Folk do on Twitter That Drive Me Nuts
Sep 18 Why I Went Back to an iPhone
Sep 18 Some Ideas for Bands and Musicians
Aug 23 Buttons are for Shirts
Aug 16 Work Your Work
Aug 08 The Fantasy Always Implodes
Jul 01 Plan for Mobile
Jun 26 You're Supposed to be Growing
Jun 22 Things I Need
Jun 18 What Could You Do in 7.5 Days?
Jun 06 Too Much
May 28 Sean Cannon
May 24 Red Van
May 18 Set Normalcy on Fire
May 04 Let Off the Gas Pedal
Apr 17 Half Asleep Thinking
Apr 10 Travel by Bus
Apr 04 Ditch Facebook, Use Dropbox for Photo Sharing
Mar 28 When to Care
Mar 28 You Just Handed me a CDR and Walked Away
Mar 22 Less Squared Off
Mar 21 Sweat and Grime
Mar 12 Monteize Your Blog
Feb 19 Don't Say "Follow Us on Twitter!" if You Don't Use Twitter
Feb 15 Can I Email you This Large File?
Feb 13 Destroy, Erase, Republish
Feb 11 How to Rock Twitter
Feb 08 Preaching to the Choir
Feb 06 Do Better Work
Feb 03 Sustainable Blogging
Jan 29 Cookies
Jan 26 Ignore Your Email
Jan 24 Just Ask
Jan 22 Forget Branding, Just be a Good Person
Jan 21 What’s the Most Entertaining Thing you can Build?