Seth W.

Hi, I'm Seth Werkheiser, and I founded Noise Creep in 2009 for AOL Music, and before that I started Buzzgrinder back in 2001.

In 2010 I got rid of all my stuff and traveled around the US with my bike and laptop.

Since 2011 I've slowed down a bit. I write metal trivia at Skull Toaster, along with a nightly email newsletter, I write music news for Metal Insider, do email marketing for Artists & Fleas, front end admin for Atom Splitter PR and Adrenaline PR, write an occasional newsletter called Novelty and Nonsense, co-founded The Workbench podcast with Bill Meis, and appear on the Black Vinyl Collective podcast.

Here's my LinkedIn resumè. Available for full-time work and various projects.
Reach me via email ( or Twitter (@sethw).

Stuff I've done in 2015
3/28. "Updated" my Skull Toaster website.
3/25. Talked 1Password on the Workbench Podcast.
3/23. Put together this Boilerman 10" email for 86'd Records.
3/18. Sent this email for the LA Artists & Fleas market this weekend.
3/18. Talked about getting paid online on the Workbench Podcast.
3/13. Wrote about Kreator for Skull Toaster.
3/12. Sent this 'Wheels, Deals & Squeals' email for Artists & Fleas.
3/11. Talked about podcasts on the Workbench Podcast.
3/11. Penned 'Considering Music Blog Coverage in 2015 vs 2005' for Haulix.
3/9. Set up a TWINGIANT vinyl give away.
3/6. Posted my fourth "First Friday video" for Skull Toaster.
3/4. Talked about video chat services on the Workbench Podcast.
3/4. My Skull Toaster Patreon passed $100/month.
3/1. Started "My Travel Tips" on Medium.
3/1. Made this fancy screen cast video for Skull Toaster.
3/1. Chatted with guitarist Markus Johansson on the Black Vinyl Collective podcast. 2/27. Wrote about Iron Reagan for my nightly email newsletter.
2/25. Discussed cloud storage and online back-up on the Workbench Podcast.
2/24. Explored Malevolent Creation & Old Man's Child for Skull Toaster.
2/23. Wrote about Judas Priest's 'Screaming for Vengeance' for Skull Toaster.
2/22. Spoke with Andrew Elstner of Torche on the BVC podcast.
2/21. Hit 15 supporters on my Skull Toaster Patreon.
2/20. Wrote about canceling my Rdio account (among other things).
2/18. Sent this nice email for Artists & Fleas Market.
2/18. Spoke about online project managent tools on the Workbench Podcast.
2/16. Interviewed Ben Handelman about Norma Jean's debut album.
2/15. Spoke to Nate Allen on episode #17 of the Black Vinyl Collective.
2/13. Wrote about In Flames for the Skull Toaster email newsletter.
2/11. Haulix published my latest piece, 'Five Seconds is Too Long.'
2/11. Spoke about web apps on the Workbench Podcast.
2/10. Wrote up Black Tusk & Black Sabbath for the Skull Toaster email.
2/09. My latest email was re-published on
2/06. Posted my third "First Friday" video on Skull Toaster.
2/04. Sent 'Can a coffee shop make you feel dumb?' to my email list.
2/04. Talked about simple websites and Twitter on The Workbench Podcast.
2/03. Uploaded my free "120 Questions from 2014" metal trivia PDF.
2/03. Sent out this rad email about the new Boilerman 10" EP.
2/02. Wrote about the two Anthrax song titles with the word "hell."
1/28. Bill Meis and I talked about iOS Apps on The Workbench Podcast.
1/25. Talked crowdfunding and Patreon on the 'Black Vinyl Collective' podcast
1/21. Wrote 'Phil Labonte says homosexuals were never property, forgets Nazi Germany' for Metal Insider
1/20. Wrote about Oxbow in the Skull Toaster email
1/20. Talked about email on 'The Workbench' Podcast with Bill Meis
1/19. Hit 10 supporters for my Skull Toaster Patreon.
1/19. Took a bus to Philadelphia
1/18. Talked vinyl's comeback on the 'Black Vinyl Collective' podcast
1/14. Sent this email for Artists & Fleas
1/12. Cut my iPhone bill from $70/mo to $45/mo
1/12. Wrote about Satan’s Warriors in the Skull Toaster email
1/11. Professed my love for cats on the 'Black Vinyl Collective' podcast
1/10. Published 'Please, Stop Networking' on Medium
1/08. Updated the Atom Splitter PR roster page
1/07. Wrote this piece on Into Another for the Skull Toaster email
1/07. Sent 'My god, it's full of (YouTube) stars' to my email list.
1/04. Talked favorite music of 2014 on the 'Black Vinyl Collective' podcast
1/03. Posted the second "First Friday" video on Skull Toaster